Goldie Sommer is actually both a skilled lawyer and an accomplished real estate agent

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There are few industries more complicated than real estate. It is an industry which requires experience and expertise. In order to excel in the real estate industry, a person must be personable, knowledgeable, and hard working. The same is actually true of lawyers. Getting your juris doctorate and then passing the bar in your state is not enough, you need to be able to excel in the field in order to become a successful lawyer with a reputation for winning cases and giving good legal advice. There is some question, though, of what happens when a good real estate agent is also a good lawyer.

Goldie Sommer is one of those rare individuals who is actually both a skilled lawyer and an accomplished real estate agent too. This means that she has a unique understanding of how both industries work because she is able to combine her unique knowledge and expertise in either industry. Her understanding of real estate law is part of what has made Goldie Sommer such an attractive lawyer to her clients, who need help with various real estate issues.

Goldie Sommer is today an attorney living and working in Fairfield, New Jersey. She is one of the named partners at Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys at Law, which is a respectable law firm based in the area.


Goldie Sommer works at a law firm

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Attorneys are professionals who require a great deal of training. They must first obtain college degrees and then seek entry to a law school. Of course they wish to enter a top law school, so even the work in high school and then in college needs to be top quality. Then law school is a whole new level of difficulty and intensity. After that, a lawyer must learn the ropes and build up a reputation as a competent attorney. Goldie Sommer has built up a reputation and long since learned the ropes. She is a respected and experienced attorney who now lives and works in the Fairfield, New Jersey, area.

Goldie Sommer works at a law firm where she is a named partner. The law firm is called Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys at Law. There is no doubt that Goldie Sommer is a valuable part of the team at Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys at Law—she is a major draw for clients and a skilled attorney besides. Goldie Sommer has helped the firm to become more successful because she is interested in both law and real estate. She is an accomplished lawyer, sure, but she is not monolithic in her interests—she has also long shown an interest in the real estate markets. This is why Goldie Sommer is a licensed real estate agent in addition to being an attorney. Sommer has knowledge about the housing industry, codes and regulations, and all of the paperwork that goes along with it because she is a licensed real estate agent. Her knowledge of the real estate market far outpaces most attorneys’. As such, this is a major draw for the law firm, with clients wanting her unique blend of expertise on real estate and law.

There are not all that many real estate law specialists—which is surprising when one considers how many real estate law cases occur. After all, there are a lot of areas where these two disparate fields come together. If you are in need of an attorney who is skillful with real estate law, then you definitely want Goldie Sommer sitting on your side of the courtroom when the judge bangs his gavel.


Goldie Sommer is an excellent lawyer

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Being objective is important when it comes to the law. Goldie Sommer is not only objective, she is an excellent lawyer in many other ways. So who is Goldie Sommer? She is an attorney who works at a law firm in Fairfield, New Jersey, where she lives. She is actually a partner at a law firm called Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys at Law that is based in Fairfield, New Jersey. Goldie Sommer has been crucial to the success of Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys at Law. However, Goldie Sommer is not just an attorney, she is also a successful real estate agent.

Goldie Sommer has a real estate license and knows exactly how the industry functions. As someone who understands the fields of law and real estate, she is perfectly suited to practicing real estate law at a high level. With her experience in both industries, she has unique insights into the intersections of those industries that few others can offer. When Goldie Sommer walks into a courtroom, you really want her to be on your side of the case. Sommer is so respected that she has been called to serve as an expert witness in several court cases regarding real estate law issues.


Goldie Sommer is an Attorney

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Goldie Sommer is an attorney at law based in Fairfield, New Jersey. She is a partner at Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys At Law, a law firm based in New Jersey. Goldie Sommer is also a licensed real estate agent who has become quite successful in the area.

Goldie Sommer is an attorney who specializes in the field of real estate law. Sommer has served as a mediator for the Better Business Bureau before and has been hired many times as an expert witness in malpractice cases regarding real estate files.

Goldie Sommer is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University. She received her Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall Law School. Sommer is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association and is admitted to practice in New Jersey, New York, and the U.S. Federal Courts. Goldie Sommer is an attorney whose opinion in the real estate market is respected. She is regularly invited to speak to various groups regarding short sale practices. She also regularly received calls from realtors and attorneys seeking advice on short sale deals.

In addition to real estate law, Goldie Sommer practices bankruptcy law and personal injury law on behalf of plaintiffs. Between Goldie Sommer and his firm partner, Edward Engelhart, the firm has a combined sixty years of experience.

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